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40 politely-worded templates to get invoices paid

10 reasons Accounts IQ users are rocking credit control

10 reasons Accounts IQ users are rocking credit control

Accounts IQ users can now take advantage of the huge range of credit control benefits associated with Chaser. Chaser puts an end to late payments and manual chasing tasks while getting you paid an average of 16 days faster.

So, if you, like many other SMEs, make use of Accounts IQ and are struggling with unpaid invoices, read on to find out how a Chaser integration can help you.

1. They are setting up automated invoice payment reminders

Companies across the UK spend, on average, an hour and a half every day chasing outstanding invoices. This results in nearly 550 hours being wasted across the course of a year.

Chasing these late payments also has its own associated costs, with UK SMEs spending around £500 a month on their credit control efforts.

Chaser allows you to set up automatic and personalised payment reminders. These reminders let your customer know an invoice is coming, when it is due, and sends scheduled reminders if they don’t pay.

2. They are using Chaser to ensure their automated invoice reminders are personalised, with a human touch

Automation doesn’t have to cold and easy ignored. Using our range of editable email templates, you can customize your reminders to sound just the way you want them. All reminders will also appear to be coming from your own personal email address.

Chaser lets you combine that all-important human touch with the time and cost-saving benefits of automation.

3. They have full visibility over their receivables using Chaser's Centralised Hub

Using our centralized hub, you have full visibility over all your receivables and your credit control efforts.

With all that data at your fingertips, you’ll never have to waste time chasing an invoice that’s already been paid or sending reminders to the wrong people. Our fully interactive reports let your track your debtors and use the notes features to document any conversations you have with the.

4. They use advanced scheduling to keep track of their customers' payment behaviours

Being able to track your customers and their payment habits through our centralised hub means you’ll know when the best time to remind them is.

Our advanced scheduling system lets you choose the best date and time for your customised reminder emails. These schedules can also be tailored to different groups depending on your relationship with them.

5. They follow best practice credit control processes

Effective credit control means following some common best practices. When accounts come overdue, there needs to be swift follow-up. The person doing this also needs to be persistent enough to get through the wall that companies will put up and keep them accountable. They need to be able to find the right person who makes the decisions. To ensure that these actions aren’t seen as pestering, they also need to have an attitude focused on serving customers.

Good record-keeping is essential, and it’s imperative to pay attention to the details and stay organized. Any and all insights gained from AR need to be passed on to the rest of the company. Much of this is easily accomplished with the right software and systems in place. Modern tools are able to augment AR services and make them more manageable. 

6. They escalate bad debt to Chaser Collections

Using a debt collection service is a difficult choice to make. You want the money you are owed, but you don’t want to ruin the relationship you’ve built with your customer.

Chaser Collections is a new way to think about debt collection. We prioritise maintaining your positive customer relationships while using polite persistence to get your outstanding debt paid. We act as mediators, rather than aggressive debt collectors, that find the best payment solution for all parties.

7. The speed up payments by offering easy payment options

Each payment reminder you send out through Chaser contains a “pay now” link which leads your customer straight to one of our Payment Portals. Each portal is unique to the customer and shows them all the details they need to make an immediate payment.

Our Payment Portals also show both you and your customer their full accounts payable and supports Paypal and Stripe, as well as traditional credit and debit card options, to encourage prompt payment.

8. They nurture customer relationships

We fully understand how important the relationships you build with your customers, and the repeat business they bring, are to you.

With Chaser, you can automate the process of building on those relationships with both editable reminders and customised ‘thank you’ notes that are automatically sent after payment is made.

9. They leverage the free templates in app and loads of resources

To help you get the most out of your credit control efforts and the Chaser app, our resources page is filled with useful templates for you to take and use. We also have a range of articles filled with expert advice and helpful tips.

10. They get support from Chaser's friendly team and customer support, when needed

Our team are always on standby to help you get the best possible results from Chaser. From setup to debt collection services, we’re there to give you whatever support you need.

So, if you run into any issues or just want to ask us a few questions about the services we offer, don’t be afraid to come and chat with us through our live chat service.


Learn more about Chaser and AccountsIQ here: https://www.chaserhq.com/integrations/accountsiq









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